The Help Essay

19th June 2022

Through The Help, complex characters feature in The Help's novel. To illustrate the literary strategy in The Help, write a complete analysis of one particular individual. The primary focus of the article, however, needs to focus on one particular character. Examine Mae Mobley, and discuss how you can improve her mood. The analysis of her words and actions throughout the book will enable you to further expand your research. Then, you can write a paragraph in which you summarize your findings.

Mae Mobley

In the Mae Mobley's Help article it will be revealed the ways Aibileen Clark, a black woman working at an employer of white women and teaches a young girl about the importance of equality and self-esteem. Through the entire novel Aibileen gives Mae stories that help her to be confident in her own self-worth and the rights she has regardless of the fact that she does not meet the standards of society's conception of beauty.

Mae Mobley is an African-American youngster who was raised in a white neighborhood. Aibileen one of her white friends, taught Mae how to wash her hands, it was an amazing surprise for Miss Leefolt who had been afraid of Mae because she is of an African heritage. However, Mae was trained to love and respect all people, despite the nature of being born with different skin color.

The importance of a mother's support and love is essential in a child's development, so it is no wonder that the novel is extremely popular. In the novel, characters take on a motherly role, including Aibileen as well as Mrs. Leefolt. Aibileen has a love affair with Mae Mobley but her relationship with her mother hasn't always been satisfied. Although she is trying to safeguard her child from harm Mrs. Leefolt's abuse and neglect can make it difficult for her to accept her daughter's love.

Mae Mobley, two years old , in The Help is Mae Mobley. Mae lives with her parents Raleigh as well as Elizabeth Leefolt and she has the younger brother Raleigh. It's not perfect, and her ideal girly little girl does not fit into the world. The book explores this conflict through Mae's perspective. Furthermore, you'll see the ways in which Mae's use of color, wit, and irony make her book all the more powerful.

Help essay requires you to think about your childhood. Parents should be the first people who care for their children. Parents are the ones who help and guide their children to be morally responsible. In the essay of Mae Mobley on help, you will see the way in which her parents have failed to give guidance or teach her morals. They do not provide direction and values for their daughter and this could have had a negative impact on her development.

Miss Hilly

"Miss Hilly's Help" is a well-known example of a southern novel, in this essay, we will explore why the tale is important in the Civil War. The story's main character, Hilly is a faithful mom and wife to her husband and children however, she is a victim of discrimination based on race and considers the black woman as if she were a subhuman. Minny finds herself in danger due to her attitude to people of color. Minny also makes use of her position in the white society by threatening her maid with jail for theft.

Miss Hilly's Help depicts 1960s racism. One of its strengths is its distorted portrayal of the racial relationship. by reducing injustices based on race to one antagonist it allows the audience to swap historical facts in favor of a completely fictionalized story. Even though the historical data are far from being 100% true, readers will be capable of empathizing with Hilly Holbrook's representation of injustices based on race in his novel.

"Miss Hilly's Help" focuses on the racial challenges facing black maids. Although Hilly might claim to be charitable through the Junior League fundraising, she is an opportunist with a razor-sharp edge that manipulates Elizabeth's every action. Hilly threatens to retaliate should Elizabeth not give her the kind of treatment she'd like. The main plot revolves around Hilly's attempt to become an attractive socialite, and her efforts to be a part of society.

Charlotte Phelan is an older-fashioned Southern woman who is trying to convince her daughter to follow the norms of gender. The maid of her, Yule May, steals the ring from Miss Hilly's house so she can pay for the twins' college education. Hilly as well, hopes to ease the burden of her children.

The bottom line is that Minny's actions demonstrate her to be brave, strong and loyal. Her response to Miss Hilly's help essay confirms she's. If she's in the right place her essay will demonstrate how she could overcome such problems. This essay will provide reasons the significance of the novel for readers to go through it. Do not forget the rest of the novel.

Miss Leefolt

Kathryn Stockett explores racism in "Miss Leefolt's Help" through a tale about a black woman. Mae Mobley, a Mississippi white woman, is Mae's daughter during 1962 Jackson. Mae's maid of color, Mae is treated in a snide manner by the white population. This essay examines the connection between Mae and Miss Leefolt , as well as the racist views that come out of her existence.

Aibileen who is a black employee who is employed to Mrs. Walters to take care of the baby Mae Mobley. Celia is the mother of a son known as Treelore Clark, who died in the workplace. He had a novel notion of working for an white employer. Skeeter finds it and offers the idea to Skeeter for inclusion in the form of a book. Minny is willing to work under such conditions.

Stockett makes her characters humaner through the use of style. For instance, the maids dress in cheaper clothes, while white women always wear expensive clothes. Elizabeth Leefolt realizes that people judge her by their appearance. Therefore, she wears costly clothing. She wants other people to be aware that she creates her own clothes. The author is, of course, concerned about the cultural appropriation of that movement the viewers find comfort with a dramatic version that was popular in the 1960s.

Mae Mobley Leefolt is an infant toddler. Her mother is also her daughter. So, she's unable to look after her baby. As soon as the maid Aibileen comes to help her She is extremely tender towards her. The first time she refuses the responsibility. As the story progresses, she starts to get used to the new responsibilities.

Despite the book's dramatized elements The aid provided by Miss Leefolt's mother has its fair share of critics. Apart from racial inequality and sexism, the story ignores a oppression imposed of the White Citizens Council. The film is an incredibly accurate representation of the American Civil Rights Movement. The film isn't perfect, just like every other tale. Its Help essay is a worthwhile study.


The Help is a novel that examines the struggle of three women: AIBILEEN, MINNY, and SKEETER. Every character has to deal the various types of sexual harassment. It is possible to force them into marriage , or they can be loud, outspoken individuals. Minny's tough exterior distinguishes her, even though she is the primary focus of comedy. Minny's image is typically that of an excellent cook and dedicated housekeeper. Yet she's a rebel, fighting to be different from society's expectations of a quiet black woman.

Hilly Holbrook depicts Minny as prey to white women. Hilly has no idea Minny is eating , as she doesn't know Minny's name. But, Hilly doesn't know Minny as well, so why should she notice her? That's one of the most interesting elements of The Help essay by Minny. You will be able be inspired by her story and her bravery in facing injustice and racism by watching this article.

Minny is a formidable woman in Sugar Ditch and frequently refers to the "Terrible Awful" that she caused to Hilly. She's a cook to Celia Foote in Sugar Ditch, Mississippi, but refuses to bake Chocolate Pie when Celia asks her to. Celia finds herself in a state of fear, however, she tries to help Minny. The two women form a strong friendship between the two ladies.

The help essay by Minny emphasizes the importance of education, and the need to ensure that women have a good time. In spite of race, race, or ethnicity each person needs to be able to thrive. This novel is a must-read for all. an ability to stimulate readers to look at the various problems of discrimination and racism. It's a true representation of South life. The story also demonstrates that it's impossible to have everything.

The birth control pill, which was originally prescribed for married women, marked an era-defining change. This drug was not available to women who were poor and had religious objections, but it helped make the lives of lots of women more comfortable. Though The Help does not mention the birth control pill, it may have changed Minny's circumstances. The novel also stresses the importance of women's rights as human beings. Even though it's a historical book, The Help is a strong book that demonstrates how vital the equality right is for women.